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Alex Milovanovich – business strategist and turnaround specialist


Alex is an independent business adviser based in Belgrade, Serbia with experience that spans countries and industries. He has been tailoring and implementing strategic and organisational solutions in Southern Africa and Balkans since 2001. Committed to high ethics, professionalism and quality Alex acts as business strategist, corporate adviser and confidant, giving support to client and the company’s management team.

Alex advised investors and business leaders in a wide range of industries, including construction, chemicals, refractories, diversified manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, transport & logistics, retail, media, private equity and banking.

Alex’s writings and ideas have appeared in South African Business Times and Finweek as well as in Serbia’s magazines NIN, Biznis and Industria. He is the author of the “8 elements of Strategy Execution Framework” (described on page “360° Strategy Analysis”).

Alex Milovanovich is Fellow and Goodwill Ambassador of the Chartered Management Institute (UK) and member of McKinsey’s Online Executive Panel. He is certified business advisor in South Africa and Serbia, and on the lists of Frontier Strategy Group as Expert Advisor and EBRD as Senior Industrial Advisor. Holder of MBA from Buckinghamshire University and MSc from University of Belgrade.

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