Welcome to the Business Strategy in Balkans board. In the right column you can find a list of my blog posts while the pages focus on specific subjects. Articles are about Balkans’ business environment – especially about regional business risk and enterprise development. However majority of them provide advice for business owners, private equity investors and senior managers about strategic aspects of running a business such as Strategy Development Methodology, 360° Business Analysis, Turnaround, Change Management and Corporate Social Responsibility with particular reference to construction industry.

At the heart of any business is its strategy – both formulation and execution. Find and download for free the infographic of 25 slides which describes the process of strategy development HERE.

Strategy Development Methodology commences with inspirational, ambitious and above all clear vision which it then progresses into practical and feasible strategic plan. The slides guide you through two processes: strategy formulation and build-up of strategy execution mechanisms.

Business strategy in the 21st century

Click HERE to view/download the Strategy Development Methodology

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