Can you force innovation?

Human race have been innovating ever since. That’s how we got here. The process had its ups and downs over the millenniums but was it ever planned or executed as part of men’s deliberate strategy or it happened organically as a result of many factors e.g. social developments that triggered the upswing cycle in this process?

Many politicians and business leaders are calling today for innovation upswing cycle to be triggered. They hope that this can be ‘cooked’ in somebody’s strategy room and plant in a company or a nation with usual strategy planning and control tools in force.

Yes, you can create an open participate culture and nurture employees/citizens to encourage dialog and generate ideas of all kinds. You can also use information tools to filter and bring those fresh ideas upstream in order to give them a chance to be tested in practice, evaluated and then implemented or shelved. If you were practicing the opposite in the past this change will definitely bring a positive improvement. The question is will this (only) be incremental i.e. insufficient to trigger a turnaround?

However, if you haven’t been that bad in the past, to say at least, but you already achieved a reputation of “high innovator” (as is the case of US as a nation), can you cook it now to get into third gear because you see it as the ultimate solution to your current problems?



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